"I had this small juice shop downtown. The rent was sky high, so I considered the foot traffic would be the same even if I lacked proper marketing. That couldn't be further from the truth... I can still remember after 7 months how desperate I was... I had no idea why I can't even cover my rent. I was almost crying when closing (at 9 pm). The worst thing was that I wasn't able to pinpoint what exactly I was doing wrong. It felt like I was dragged into this mess full of overhead expenses and debt..." - Remus Varga

I've been there, and I know how it feels. I know how expensive marketing and agencies can get. This is why our mission is to offer a fantastic experience accompanied by great results at affordable prices for small businesses—all tax-deductible.

See below how we can help YOU and your business!


Our Solutions For You
Everything We Do Is For Owners
To Have A Constant Flow Of Customers
Facebook & IG Ads
We run ROI-driven Facebook & Instagram Ads for your business. You'll now the exact costs associated with every lead you're getting!
Sales Funnels
We build 100% customized Sales Funnels including the mockups! From the funnel strategy to design, implementation and deployment!
High-Level Copywriting for your Emails, Sales Pages and Ads.
Tech Stuff
Plus, you can leave all the boring and tangling TECH STUFF to us. We love that part!
All Our Packages Are Tax Deductible
Stop Wasting Time And Start Making Money. We've generated over $45M for our clients using Facebook Ads and funnels.
“Totally recommend him, great communication and professionalism. This guy delivers!”
O Reilly John
Dublin, Ireland
“Remus is one of the best marketers that I have worked with. He's 100% about results, and he will do everything to get them. I've worked with tens of agencies and marketers who promised me results. He was the only one to also deliver them!”
Adrian Danet
Clearwater, Florida
I have been left down before with cheap Digital Agencies that promised a lot a did more or less nothing. I chose to go with Remus purely by instinct. I have not been disappointed. I have the full monthly package and everything is going great!
Barry Johnson
Greenville, South Carolina
I was one of their first clients so I was a little skeptical at first due to a very low price (they were running an offer I guess). Eventually everything turned out to be a more than pleasant experience. I bought the Facebook Ads package.
John Daniel
Crown Point, Indiana
They are providing amazing services. Always helping, even after a long time from purchasing the product. Transparent & fast process. We’ve already built 2 funnels with them.
Richard & Paul Tay
Palm Harbor, Florida
Some Of The Funnels We've Built
T90 Systems
SEVEREN henderson
"Free marketing call" U.S. campaign
30-day pink fit
The wave
Some Of The Results We Got (ROI)
...for a client that bags in an average of $1,700/lead.
CRAZY ROI during pandemic
...and this has become the norm for our client. The below results are for September 2020.
...revealed that we're almost printing money.
CASE STUDY: how we managed to pull 10.98X ROAS and 8X ROI for our agency's funnel building services.
As you will be able to see in below's screenshot, during July 2021 through August 2021, we ran a campaign that cost us a total of $145.68. NOTE: the campaign did not run for that entire period; but I wanted you to see that I am not trying to trick you into thinking we've spent less than we actually did.

We had a killer offer for our funnel building services. As you can see from the screenshot below, we have generated 7 leads. All of them had to answer 8 qualifying questions - so it wasn't some "Hey, write your name here." type of lead gen.

Out of the 7 leads, 6 were quality leads, but only 2 were a good fit for us (industry-wise, money-wise, etc).

Out of the 2 leads, we signed a $1,600 contract on the spot. And we're still in the talks for a $3,000/month retainer. What started out as a funnel building offer up-selled into a monthly Facebook Ads retainer. :-)

I hate talking about future deals. Thus, ignoring the possible $3,000/mo retainer, the $1,600 alone still gave us a 10.98X ROAS and a 8X ROI (after considering other costs - like the time the staff spent on building the funnel, rent, etc).
Pilates studio - #case study#
CASE STUDY: how we managed to turn a bankrupt Pilates Studio into a flourishing business in less than 1 year.
A client of ours decided to take over a bankrupt Pilates Studio. Local, few clients, small city. Having previously worked with us, he decided to take on this challenge all by himself: from funnel building to running lead generation ads.

At the time he took over the studio, he was losing money for every client. The ROI (if you can even call it that), was 0.7!

He applied what he has learned from us and turned it pretty quickly (< less than 3 months) into a profitable business with a decent 1.5X ROI. It's not the greatest ROI, but put into perspective, he basically doubled it!

At this point, he already knew the ins and outs of running a Pilates Studio and he was more determined to let go of the marketing and focus on the daily operations of running such a place. This is where we came in!

When we took over the marketing, he was having an average cost per lead of $98.57. We optimized his sales process, his lead ads, his funnel and we managed to get the lead cost down to $26.98, all while maintaining the same quality leads.

We almost TRIPLED his ROI -> From 1.5X to 4.1X.

It took us little under 9 months to get those results. All in all, the Pilates Studio turnaround took almost 1 year. From the date our client started to when we got to the crazy 4.1X ROI.
HEALTH FACILITY - #case study#
CASE STUDY: how we managed to double the ROI in a highly competitive medical field.
We are not allowed to disclose a lot about this client, other than the stats you can see below. 

This is business is in a highly competitive medical field with a high entry level, high monthly turnover costs and a very slow (and painful) cashflow due to the process of collecting insurance money.

The average ROI/lead for this client is $1,750.

We started working with them at the beginning of 2019. When we started, they had a cost of $1,458/lead. Besides some other unaccounted costs (like a sales people commissions). They were barely surviving as the monthly overhead costs were over $50,000/month.

2019 -> We increased their lead numbers by 800% and reduced the cost per lead to $951.51/lead. Though we could have cut it even more, we decided it was a numbers game for this client. They had 8X more leads to work with. And because the quality stayed the same, the conversion rate has stayed the same.

2020 -> Because of the Pandemic and the couple of months of lockdown, we couldn't reach our $650/lead target. Despite that, we still managed an almost 25% reduction in cost per lead ($760.97/lead), while maintaining the same number of leads, and the same conversion rate.

2021 (as of August) -> We increased the lead numbers by 65% and we are on target to hit an expected cost of $630/lead.

Looking back at our progress with this client, we tripled their profits. And there's still a lot of room for improvement, thus we're not stopping here. 

Initially, they were making a net profit of $292/lead.

As of 2020, they were making a net profit of about $990/lead.

And we expect them to make a net profit of over $1,100/lead in 2021.
Some Of Tech Problems We Solved
ClickFunnels custom bullets
Client needed custom made bullet points to complement his funnel design. Part of the code is on the left. The final result is on the right.
facebook capi custom integration
After the iOS 14.5 update we created a custom ClickFunnels CAPI integration for all our clients. This complements the out of the box one. We improved the tracking quality from 33% to 78%.
facebook leads to slack/teams
Sending Facebook Leads (from Lead Ads) instantly to Slack, so our Sales Department can get in touch with potential clients.
unpaid subscriptions to slack
Client wanted to get a Slack notification every time one of his clients had a failed subscription payment so her team could get in touch with the end client and see if there was any problem they could help with.
clickfunnels highlight code
Client needed certain parts of the text highlighted to complement his funnel design. Part of the code is on the left. The final result is on the right.
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If there's one thing I hate, it is the "Discovery Calls." It's usually a 30-minute call in which the other party tries to push you into buying their products and services. Rarely, if ever, was I actually helped during those calls and only pitched later. Unfortunately, it's the other way around with most of them.

I am a straight-up, no-BS guy. I am going to tell you exactly how and if I can help you—no hidden pitches. And if I cannot help you for any reason, at least I'll try to guide you in the right direction.
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