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Reliable, responsive (24h or less), and we go the extra mile to understand you and your business.

You already know what it takes to be seen all over social 
media: post consistently... and you already know how to do that. Let’s face it: it’s no rocket science. Most likely, cousin Fred knows how to do that for you.

But we all know how boring it is to post 14 times a week on Social Media. That’s why we do it for you!


With us, there’s no mumbo jumbo.

You can see below exactly what you’re getting.

It’s fixed, there are no other hidden fees or small print, and you’re getting a lot for it. We actually urge you to find a more valuable package elsewhere.

We create unique and visually compelling posts for your Instagram, Facebook, and stories. We post 14 times a week (that is TWO times a day!), so we make sure you cut through the noise and jump right in front of your audience.

This is how we're bringing you more clients...

The complete TRUE Social Media package.

Weekly Posts

14 posts a week on both platforms, scheduled at peak hours for maximum reach

Researched Hashtags

We research monthly the best hashtags for reach and engagement

Optimized Social Pages

We make sure both your Instagram and Facebook are optimized and up to date


You will always have a story up because we’ll post one daily… 7 days a week!


Included in the 14 posts per week, you have 4 Reels specially crafted for reach

Local Ads

Want to run paid ads? We will set up local awareness ads for you and no extra cost!

30-Day Trial

This is our famous "Shark Tank" Guarantee...

Sign up, start working with us and see how we can help grow your business. After 30 days, if you wouldn't jump into a tank full of sharks just to stay on as a client, we will not bill you a dime and let you keep everything we did for you.

No questions asked!

24-Hour Response

This is our famous "Repairman On-Call" Guarantee...

We know how important it is to have a reliable marketing agency by your side. One that actually returns your calls...

That's why we guarantee to get back to you in less than 24 hours after your inquiry - excluding weekends and holidays.

No Setup Fee & No Long Term Contracts

You’ve already seen the sheer value you get. But that is not all. We don’t charge a setup fee, and you’re not held in a long-term contract.

What Others Have To Say

Trusted by tens of businesses around the country

“Totally recommend him, great communication and professionalism. This guy delivers!”
O Reilly John
Dublin, Ireland
I have been left down before with cheap Digital Agencies that promised a lot a did more or less nothing. I chose to go with Remus purely by instinct. I have not been disappointed. I have the full monthly package and everything is going great!
Barry Johnson
Greenville, South Carolina
“Remus is one of the best marketers that I have worked with. He's 100% about results, and he will do everything to get them. I've worked with tens of agencies and marketers who promised me results. He was the only one to also deliver them!”
Adrian Danet
Clearwater, Florida
I was one of their first clients so I was a little skeptical at first due to a very low price (they were running an offer I guess). Eventually everything turned out to be a more than pleasant experience. I bought the Facebook Ads package.
John Daniel
Crown Point, Indiana
They are providing amazing services. Always helping, even after a long time from purchasing the product. Transparent & fast process. We’ve already built 2 funnels with them.
Richard & Paul Tay
Palm Harbor, Florida


Ready to grow your business?

Running your business has never been easier! With VARGAS DIGITAL, you can focus on operating your business while we work in the background and take care of the mundane for you.

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